Once seniors reach a certain age they often struggle to perform activities of daily living on their own. When considering care for your loved one at this stage, the options may seem endless.

Luckily, there are professionals who offer personal care services and can help! Some services elders might need assistance with include bathing or grooming, home maintenance, meal preparation, medication control, and mobility services.

Bathing or Grooming

Just like everyone else, seniors deserve to look and feel their best. Often, with the stress of aging and everything that comes with it, personal hygiene and care tend to fall to the back burner.

Personal care services from a professional can include bathing or dental, nail, and hair hygiene. Seniors are less likely to undergo negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, or hopelessness when having well-maintained hygiene.

Home Maintenance

For seniors, living in a clean and organized environment can be crucial. A lot of times, they are not able to maintain this themselves as they may have in the past. There are personal care services that can help in these situations.

Whether it’s light support like tidying up or a more extensive monthly deep clean, it might be a good idea to incorporate home maintenance into their life. Having a professional keeping up with cleaning and maintenance could also prevent the risk of falls and slips while cleaning.

Meal Preparation

In order to stay healthy and enjoy a comfortable life, it is vital to get proper nutrition. For the elderly, malnutrition is a high risk and unfortunately very common.

Not being able to go grocery shopping or prepare meals can make getting the right amount of nutrients to your body very difficult. Having a professional caregiver step in to perform these personal care services, like preparing meals and providing nutrition assistance, can ensure seniors are eating properly in order to stay healthy.

Medication Control/Reminders

Medication often goes hand in hand with aging as the body requires more support to remain healthy and strong. Many need personal care services to help control medication amounts and reminders. 

As medical needs increase, it can become harder and harder for seniors or family members to keep track of daily medication requirements. It could be beneficial to call on a professional in-home caretaker to help out with this type of regulation. Whether it is making sure the correct amount is taken, or a simple reminder of the time, a professional caregiver is available to help.

Mobility Services

For seniors, mobility is one of the most challenging, yet important factors. Whether they are walking, using a wheelchair, motorized mobility chair, walker, or cane, moving around is necessary even if it’s just within their own surroundings.

One of the most valuable personal care services professionals can provide is helping seniors get around their living space. Ultimately, this prevents falls and injuries, ensuring your loved one is safe and happy.

We Can Help With These Personal Care Services For Your Loved Ones

Humans are unique, so there is no one size fits all care plan for our aging loved ones. With Companion Care of Georgia, we understand the importance of customized personal care services planning that suits the individual needs of your relatives. Companion of Georgia offers plans from 4 to 24-hour home care services, depending on your loved one’s condition.

We offer a complimentary consultation with no obligation where we can discuss your loved one’s personal care and determine what plan suits them best. We only provide the highest of quality service, with specialized caretakers who will treat your loved one with the respect and dignity they deserve. For more information about our services, visit our Private Care Services page or Contact Us to schedule your consultation.