As your relative grows older, sometimes it can become more dangerous for them to travel on their own. Their eyesight might fail, or they may grow less aware of their surroundings. In those cases, it’s often much safer for everyone if older adults are driven around, instead of left to navigate on their own.

Unfortunately, a family member might not always be around to provide a ride for medical appointments or grocery store runs. In such cases, elderly transportation services can be helpful.

Elderly Transportation Services are Safe

As your elderly relative ages, they may decline in strength, vision, reaction time, and memory. When these decline enough that it becomes a danger for them to drive on their own, having an alternative means to transport themselves is imperative.

Unfortunately, walking is often not an option for many, as it may lead to falls or injuries somewhere they may not be found. Similarly, public transit might often prove equally dangerous. If your relative’s memory fails, they might get on a bus and forget to get off at their stop.

Having a trusted family caregiver who can provide transportation options can keep your relative safe and sound, as well as get them where they need to go.


Sometimes you might be unable to be there whenever a loved one needs to go to the grocery store, whether that be an untimely repair or a work engagement you can’t get out of. In those cases, a live-in caretaker or an assisted living caretaker might be able to provide transportation service, rather than forcing you to hunt down another relative to assist your loved one in their daily tasks.


With public transportation and walking being a potential safety hazard, if accessible at all, that might leave your relative with only ride-shares or taxis. The price for these can quickly add up to exorbitant bills. In old age, money is much better spent on medicine or improving the home environment to help your loved one stay comfortable and safe.

Quality of Life

Sometimes, just being able to leave the house can do wonders for the mental well-being of your loved ones. For many Alzheimer’s or Dementia patients, the ability to continue living as they had before can be key in managing symptom progression. Being denied the ability to leave and do necessary tasks because they can no longer drive can negatively impact their quality of life. They may grow depressed or aggravated.

Elderly transportation services can work as a healthy compromise between letting them have their freedom and keeping other drivers safe. They’ll be able to still go to the grocery store or pick up their medicine without relying on an Uber or a free family member; you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that someone is by their side to keep them safe.

Companion Care of Georgia Can Assist You

At Companion Care of Georgia, our professional caregivers can provide your loved ones with the independence and safety they need to feel comfortable in their daily lives. We offer a range of tailored care plans structured around your loved one’s individual needs. Our services include personal at-home care, elderly transportation, housekeeping, companionship, short-term care, assisted living, and Alzheimer’s care.

As a locally owned and operated care provider, we can provide a high level of availability and customization that others cannot. Companion Care of Georgia is equipped to keep your loved ones safe, healthy, and happy at home. To discuss the best in-home elder care plan right for you, call us for a free, no-obligation consultation at (912) 645-4000.